3900 LOOP ROAD, MONROE, LA 71201


Cheryl Carr

Preschool Director

Phone: (318) 325-7335

Fax: (318)325-8320


Brian Mercer, Pastor

First United Methodist Church of Monroe, LA





First Methodist Day Care/Preschool Ministry is an educational program of the First Methodist Church’s Children’s Ministries.  As such we recognize our Christian responsibility to nurture each of God’s children.  We are committed to providing a quality, loving, caring learning environment which enhances the cognitive, social, physical, and spiritual growth of children in our program.


The preschool program is an integral part of First Methodist Children’s Ministries. Policies involving students and staff are decided by the Day Care/Preschool Board appointed by the church, along with the respective directors.



Our teaching staff believes in the principles of Christian love, thought and living as expressed in their daily lives.  They are caring, nurturing persons who love children and share in the mission of the Day Care/Preschool ministry.  They are well-trained in early childhood development and add to their knowledge annually through continuing education classes.






First Methodist Preschool operates Monday through Friday from mid-August to mid-May. The hours of operation are from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm. Morning classes are from 8:30 am until 11:30 am. Lunch Bunch is from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm.  First Methodist Preschool also offers Before School Care from 7:00 am until 8:30 am and After School Care from 2:30 pm until 6:00 pm. The Preschool is closed in conjunction with the Monroe City School System holidays. A daily schedule is posted in each classroom.



We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that stresses creative thinking and problem-solving.  Themes are centered around seasonal activities, science, social studies, art and music. Many opportunities are provided for learning new ideas while developing skills in language and numerical concepts, experiencing social, interpersonal interactions and enhancing small and large muscle development.  We believe that children of all ages can be taught math, language arts, science, and social studies, as well as art, music and motor skills using age-appropriate methods. Use of movies or videos in the classroom is very limited.  



Music is a daily part of our classroom activities. In addition, we have Chapel in the sanctuary on Tuesdays and Music for all students on Thursdays.  Each class goes to Calming Yoga on Wednesdays.



An informational meeting for all parents is held in the fall before classes begin.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the policies and procedures in the Parent Handbook and to answer parents’ questions.  Parents also meet with their child’s teacher and receive information about classroom procedures and curriculum. The following day, the children will meet with their teachers individually by appointment.



Parents who use Before Care must walk their child into the building and sign in with the Preschool staff. Parents who drop off their child may come no earlier than 8:15 and sit with their child in the main hall until the assistants walk the children to the classroom. No one is allowed in the classrooms before 8:20 am. Between 8:20 AM and 8:45 AM, parents may walk their child to the classroom and say goodbye at the classroom door. Teachers will sign the children in when they enter the classroom. If your child has not arrived by 8:45 am, he or she will not be able to attend school for the day unless a doctor’s excuse is provided.        

You may have to give your child to the teacher or assistant to hold as you depart. Your child may cry when you leave.  Afterwards, you may call the preschool office to see how your child is doing. Children usually stop crying and get involved in an activity fairly soon after the parent leaves. If a parent takes their own child to the restroom they may not enter the restroom area while in use by any child other than their own child.  



Parents who pick up their children at either 11:30 AM or 2:30 PM must go through the car pick up line. All cars should be lined up so that the passenger door is toward the building and the car is facing Loop Road.  Children’s car tags should be standing in the driver’s side window so teachers can see them.  All cars go through the covered area, teachers will assist the children into the cars and have parents sign them out. State licensing requires that authorized individuals must sign their first and last names, no initials.  For safety reasons, ALL children MUST be picked up in the car line. If your child is not picked up promptly by 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM, OR 6:00 PM, you will be charged $5.00 per every 5 minute increment.


Parents picking up children from After School Care must walk inside the building to pick up their child and sign out with the After School Care assistants.



Parents must provide the preschool with a written authorization signed and dated by the parent noting the first and last names of individuals to whom the child may be released.  We will not release a child to anyone unless authorized in writing by the parent.  You may add or take away a name at any time by signing and dating the list. In an unplanned situation, a parent may call, text, or email the Preschool Director and then follow up with a written authorization. We may require a photo ID to verify the identity of the authorized person prior to releasing the child.



First Methodist Preschool is legally obligated to release a child to either parent unless a court decree is on file. In the event of a change in custody for a child, both parents are asked to notify the Director of specific changes in writing.          



We have parties for these holidays: Halloween (no costumes or uniforms), Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. We recognize children’s birthdays or during our regular snack time.  Parents may bring a special birthday treat for that day, but please keep it simple. We have several activities during the year, including field trips.  We encourage families to be involved and to fellowship together while attending these events.      



Each child is given the opportunity to be Student of the Week in his/her class several times a year.  This is a fun time for the child because he/she has special helper responsibilities in the classroom, has a special bulletin board display of his/her family pictures, and gets to bring his/her favorite snacks to share with the class during his/her week.  



Parent-teacher conferences are held in September and May. A mid-year progress report is sent home in January. Individual parent-teacher conferences may be held throughout the year if a need arises.  Parents may call the preschool office or email the child’s teacher to set up a conference.  The child is not permitted to attend the conference.



We recommend that children be dressed comfortably in normal play clothes. Tennis shoes and strapped sandals are recommended.  We discourage flip-flops and shoes with heels. Shoes with cleats are not allowed. Children will not go barefoot.  Children need to have a jacket during cool weather. We may require certain clothing or shoes not be worn if there is a problem. Parents need to send an extra set of labeled clothing (shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) in a zip lock bag to be kept in the child’s classroom. Remember to wash and return the clothes immediately after they have been used, as well as change out the clothing as the seasons change.                   


All children need a backpack. It should be large enough to hold a folder. No rolling backpacks are allowed. Children are NOT allowed to bring small toys, makeup, jewelry, etc. to school in their backpacks.  They are NOT allowed to bring food or gum into the preschool unless they are on a special diet and have a doctor’s statement on file or unless they are the student of the week and are bringing the snacks for their class.



If your child is staying from 11:30-2:30, he or she will have their own personal cot to lie on during nap time and shall bring 2 items:  a SMALL blanket and a SMALL stuffed animal that does not make any noise. Pillow pets and nap mats with attached pillows are NOT allowed. These items will be stored in a large zip lock bag provided by the Preschool. We take every measure possible to keep our preschool germ free. We will send the blankets home on Friday so they can be washed and returned on the following school day.                                                                                                            



The doors into the building are locked during preschool hours. You may enter by using the security code or you may be admitted by a Director. Do not open the door for anyone or allow anyone to follow you into the building.


TUITIONS AND FEES (check or money order only, no cash)



Non-refundable registration fee - $50.00

Supply fees - $100.00 in August and $100.00 in January



For Morning Classes only (8:30 am-11:30 am) $220.00

For Lunch Bunch EVERY DAY (8:30 am-2:30 pm) $330.00

Before School Care  $40.00

After School Care   $160.00


Lunch Bunch is an optional program and does not have to be used every day.  Tuitions for morning classes every day with Lunch Bunch options are as follows:

• With Lunch Bunch 1 specified day per week $245.00

• With Lunch Bunch 2 specified days per week $270.00

• With Lunch Bunch 3 specified days per week $295.00

• With Lunch Bunch 4 specified days per week $320.00                


Cost for Drop-in Lunch Bunch is $10.00 per day and must be paid on the day the child stays.        


A family with two or more children will pay full tuition for one child and will be given a 10% discount for each additional child. A family with a child in both the Day Care and Preschool Ministry will receive a 5% discount from the Day Care and a 5% discount from the Preschool.


There are no deductions for absences from school except in cases of lengthy illness or hospitalization.  These decisions will be made by the director and the Day Care/Preschool Board.  No tuition credit will be given for absences due to mild illness, holidays, or bad weather closings.



Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month from September through May.  Tuition is overdue on the 6th of the month, and a $5.00 late fee will be charged.  Payments may be dropped in the tuition box outside the Preschool office. There will be a fee of $25.00 for an insufficient check.



Two late reminders will be sent. After that, a letter will be mailed to the parent and a copy sent to the Day Care/Preschool Board.  If tuition is not paid by the end of the month, the child will not be allowed to return to school until the payment has been made.



First Methodist Day Care provides Holiday Care when the Preschool is out for holidays for a fee of $20 per day made payable to the Day Care.  






As mandated reporters, all staff shall report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child to the Louisiana Child Protection Statewide Hotline (855) 452-5437.



First Methodist Preschool Ministry does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, or handicap.





First Methodist Preschool has classes for children who are three or four years old. All of the following requirements must be met before a child can be enrolled in First United Methodist Preschool.


1. A child must be three years old by September 30th.

2. A registration form and contract for services must be completed and signed by the parent.

3. An informal interview with the parent and child must take place to ensure that the preschool is able to meet the needs of the child.

4. A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 must be paid.

5. A current immunization record for the child must be provided.

6. All children attending preschool must be potty trained. (No pullups)

7. An acknowledgement form must be signed stating that the parent has read and understands the Parent Handbook and agrees to abide by the policies and procedures stated.


First United Methodist Preschool does not accept children on a part time or drop in basis        



First Methodist Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment of a child, in its sole discretion, without notice due to the following reasons/but not limited to the following reasons:


• The center cannot meet the physical, mental, or emotional needs of the child

• The child threatens the safety, health and/or well-being of others

• A formal parent conference is not attended (one requested by director)

• Fees or tuitions are delinquent

• On the advice of a physician or child psychologist

• Enrollment was under fraudulent circumstances

• Parents do not follow center guidelines, and/or cause undo stress to the preschool staff

• Repeated tardiness in picking up a child at appropriate times

• Enrollment/immunization records are incomplete and/or not updated.

• Parent/Guardian threatens the safety of the children and/or staff.        



A child may be added to our waiting list at any time. Registration of children already in the preschool, children moving up to preschool from First Methodist Day Care, and children of church families takes place in February for the following fall.  In March, remaining spots are filled with children on our waiting list in order of their addition to the list.  After classes are filled, children are registered as openings become available in their age group.



The Minimum Child to Staff Ratios for Type 1 Centers are: 14:1 for three year olds and 16:1 for four year olds. Our goal is to have12 children per class in order to maintain a lower child to staff ratio.



First Methodist Preschool is licensed under the authority of the Louisiana Department of Education. We are a Type 1 licensed program.  Licensing surveys, inspections, regulations and information about early learning centers are available on the Department of Education website



Parents may set up a conference with their child’s teacher by calling the preschool office or texting the teacher through Remind. If after the parent-teacher conference, there are still unresolved issues, the parent may set up an appointment with the director and the teacher.  Parents may not interrupt a child’s class to talk with the teacher. For any significant, unresolved licensing complaints, you may call or email the Licensing Division at:


Louisiana Department of Education, Division of Licensing

Telephone:  (225) 342-9905 Fax:  (225) 342-2498




Custodial parents or guardians, and non-custodial parents (with written authorization by the custodial parent) are welcome to visit the preschool anytime during regular open hours as long as the child is enrolled.  Please do not interrupt a child’s class to visit with the staff.  Please call the office or the teacher to schedule a conference.



Parental involvement is highly encouraged.  First Methodist Preschool will offer many opportunities during the year for activities to include parents. The activities and field trips will be listed on the yearly calendar and monthly calendars.


Our teachers will strive to promote love, acceptance, good character and proper behavior. We will show positive encouragement and will give praise for success. Communication between parents and teachers is essential to providing a positive experience for your child. Please review and initial your child’s behavior report daily and share any comments or questions you may have.


The following behavior management policy shall be used to guide behavior:

1. The teacher will talk with the child and he/she will be given a warning.

2. The child will be separated from the group to sit in a chair, on the floor, or by the wall (if the problem occurs outside) for a period not to exceed one minute for each year of the child’s age.  The child will always be within view of the teacher.  

3. The child will be sent to the director’s office.

4. The parent will be called to pick up the child for the rest of the day.

5. The parents will be asked to keep the child home for three days.


Our Behavior Management Policy prohibits children from being subject to any of the following:

• physical punishment, corporal punishment, which includes but not limited to yelling, slapping, spanking, yanking, shaking, pinching, exposure to extreme temperatures, or other measures producing physical pain, putting anything in the mouth of the child, requiring a child to exercise, or placing a child in an uncomfortable position.

• verbal abuse, which includes but is not limited to using offensive language, telling a child to “shut up” or make derogatory remarks about children or family members of children or family members of children in their presence.  

• a threat of a prohibited action even if there is no intent to follow through with the threat.

• No child will be disciplined by another child.

• No child will be bullied by another child.

• No child shall be deprived of food or beverages. No child shall be put in a restrained device for discipline.

• No child shall have active playtime withheld for disciplinary purposes, except timeout may be used during active play time for an incident during the playtime.  

• Any punishment that violates the spirit of the discipline standard described above, even though not stated here, will not be permitted.



Only electronic device activities currently allowed in the center are watching movies on television, smartboard, or laptop. Time allowed for this activity will not exceed one hour per day.  All television, video, DVD, or other programming shall be suitable for the youngest child present.  “PG” programming will not be shown to children under age 5.      



We do not allow children to use the internet.



a. Programs, movies, and video games with violent or adult content, including but not limited to soap operas, television news, and sports programs aimed at audiences other than children, shall not be permitted in the presence of children.

b. All television, video, DVD, or other programming shall be suitable for the youngest child present.

c. Any programming with a rating more restrictive than “G” is prohibited.

d. Video games are not allowed in Preschool.


1. A monitor of a provisionally-employed staff member must be an adult staff member with a satisfactory CCCBC who is designated by the director to monitor a specific provisionally-employed staff member.

2. A monitor must be designated for each provisionally-employed staff member present.

3. The monitor must be physically present at all times when the provisionally-employed staff member is present.

4. Monitors must remain within close enough proximity of their provisionally-employed staff member to be able to intervene as needed.

5. A monitor must perform at least one visual observation of each designated provisionally-employed staff member every 30 minutes.

6. The director may designate one monitor for up to a maximum of five provisionally-employed staff members at any given time.

7. At least one monitor must be physically present at all times in any room during naptimes if a provisionally-employed staff member is present.

8. A documentation log shall be kept on file listing the monitoring of each provisionally-employed staff member, the designated monitor and the times of the visual observations.      




Children shall be provided physical activity that includes a combination of both teacher-led and free play, both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting, for a minimum of 60 minutes per day.



Children shall have daily rest time of at least 75 minutes.



A cumulative file shall be maintained on each child. Records of children shall be retained by the preschool for a minimum of three years. Then, the records shall be disposed of by a document destruction company.



First Methodist Preschool will maintain the confidentiality of all children’s records.  We will secure the records against loss, tampering, or unauthorized use.  Information in the child’s file is considered privileged and confidential to that child’s parents.  Parents or legal guardians may add information to the file.  This information will be accessible only to appropriate staff and state personnel.  No information within these files will be released except to authorized state and federal agencies without a subpoena from a legal advisor. Staff shall not disclose or knowingly permit the disclosure of any information concerning the child or his/her family, directly or indirectly, to any unauthorized person



With parent authorization, photos of children will be taken throughout the year to be used within the Preschool and/or social media. The Preschool will not release any photographs from which a child might be identified to anyone other than authorized state and federal agencies without written, informed consent from the parent prior to the release.



A yearly preschool calendar is given to parents at the beginning of the school year listing holidays.  A monthly calendar is also sent the first of each month.  Parents are given ample notice of any changes or additions which may occur.  We follow the Monroe City Schools calendar for holidays. We will not close for MCS inservice days. We are not open during the summer months.



We will close if there is a threat of severe weather.  If Monroe City Schools close due to inclement weather, we will also close.  This includes before and after school care. In keeping with licensing requirements, we will close in the event we lose electricity or water to the preschool.




Staff and children shall wash their hands using soap at the following times:

1. Upon arrival in the classroom

2. Any time hands become contaminated (handling garbage, cleaning spills)

3. After coming in from outdoors

4. After toileting

5. After handling with pets or other animals

6. After handling body fluids or other health needs

7. Before and after handling uncooked foods

8. Before and after eating, handling food

9. Before and after playing in water used by more than one person

10. Anytime hands become soiled with bodily fluids



Children and staff shall wash their hands using the following method:

• Check to be sure a clean, disposable paper is available.

• Turn on warm water, no less than 60 degrees and no more than 120 degrees.

• Moisten hands with water and apply liquid soap to hands.

• Rub hands together vigorously until soapy lather appears. Continue for at least 10 seconds. Rub between fingers, around nailbeds and under fingernails and the back of hands.

• Dry hands with the clean disposable paper towel.

• Turn water tap off with a disposable paper towel.



Universal blood precautions must be observed as follows:

1. Disposable gloves must be immediately available and worn whenever there is a possibility of contact with blood, including but not limited to:

• Touching blood contaminated by body fluid

• Treating bleeding cuts

• Wiping blood stained surfaces

• Any other situations where there is potential or actual contact with blood

2. Disposable gloves must be discarded after each use.

3. If blood is touched accidentally, the exposed skin must be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.

4. Surfaces that have been blood stained must be wiped with bleach solution.

5. A bleeding child will not be denied care because gloves are not immediately available.

6. Oozing cuts or sores on children or staff must be covered.

7. Clothing containing blood or other material shall be placed in a plastic bag with a secure tie.



The following regulations regarding illnesses must be adhered to for everyone’s protection. A child must be able to participate in all daily activities. A child MUST NOT be brought to school and will be sent home for the following symptoms:

Chicken Pox – A child may return five days from first outbreak, all sores scabbed over and with a doctor’s release.

Conjunctivitis (Pinkeye) – A child may return 24 hours after the first antibiotic treatment.

Constipation - A child must not be taking laxatives.

Coughing/Sneezing – A child may return 24 hours after there is no severe coughing, difficulty breathing or green mucus.

Croup – A child may return two days after diagnosis with a doctor’s release.

Diarrhea – (two or more times at school or uncontainable) A child may return 24 hours after diarrhea discontinues.


Fever (100.4 or over) – A child must be fever free for 24 hours without a fever reducer.

Flu – A child must be fever free for 24 hours without a fever reducer.

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease – A child may return when there are no new lesions, all sores are scabbed and fever free.

Hepatitis - A child may return one week after the illness started and fever is gone.

Impetigo – A child may return 24 hours after antibiotic treatment and no draining areas present.

Lice – A child may return 24 hours after treatment if no eggs (nits) are present.  A visual check will be done upon the child’s return to school.  

Measles – A child may return 4 days after a rash appears with all sores scabbed and a doctor’s release.

Meningitis – A child may return 24 hours after fever free with no fever reducer, with a doctor’s release

Mumps – A child may return 10 days after onset of symptoms with a Doctor’s release

Pneumonia – A child may return when he/she has no difficulty breathing and is fever free for 24 hours.

Rash - A child may return when rash is gone or with a doctor’s release

Ringworm - A child may return 24 hours after the first treatment with no further spread.

RSV –A child may return 5 days after diagnosis, fever free with no difficulty breathing and a doctor’s release.

Rubella – A child may return 4 days after the onset of a rash, when fully recovered and with a doctor’s release.

Scabies – A child may return the day after treatment begins.

Sore Throat (with a fever) – A child must be fever free for 24 hours and drinking normally.                                                                                

Streptococcal Infection – A child may return 24 hours after an antibiotic treatment with no fever.

Staph Infection – A child may return 24 hours after treatment with no drainage from sores and a doctor’s release.

Surgeries – A child must follow the doctor’s recovery guidelines and have a doctor’s release.

Thrush - A child may remain at school with all mouthed objects sanitized.

Vomiting – A child may return 24 hours after last vomit.


*You need to pick up your child in a reasonable amount of time. A doctor’s excuse does not automatically allow a child to come back to the center.  It is up to the discretion of the Director whether to allow a child back into the preschool, due to state guidelines.



FUMC Preschool does not administer prescription or non-prescription over-the-counter medications (oral or topical) to any child in our program.  


Parents may come during the day and administer medication to their child. Parents must fill out the Parents Administering Medication at Center Log. Parents must also provide the preschool with a copy of the prescription print out from the pharmacy stating the side effects. The first dose of any medication may not be administered at the preschool. Medications including chapstick, cough drops, germ-x, etc. shall NOT be kept in the children’s backpacks,



FUMC Preschool does not administer prescribed medication, other than emergency medication such as an Epipen, inhaler, or Benadryl. Preschool staff shall obtain a medication authorization form with signature of parent every three months.  A plan of action for children with special health care needs describing how to use the emergency medication and when to use medication shall be maintained in the child’s health records.



All meals and snacks provided by the preschool, and their preparation, service, and storage, shall meet the requirements for meals of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program.  Children shall not have foods that are implicated in choking incidents. Examples of these foods include, but are not limited to: hot dogs, wieners sliced in rounds, raw carrot rounds, whole grapes, hard candy, nuts, peanuts, seeds, raw peas, hard pretzels, chips, popcorn, marshmallows, a spoonful of peanut butter, and meat larger than what can be swallowed whole.

A written statement from a health care provider is required when the child must

have a special diet for medical reasons.





Upon arrival at the preschool, the physical condition of each child shall be observed for possible signs of illness, infections, bruises or injuries.  Documentation shall include an explanation from the parent or child.



An incident report is filled out each time a child is involved in an accident or incident. This will assure that child intervention and family notification is initiated.



If a child has 3 or more accidents in a week, the child must be sent home for one week or until progress has been made. We are not equipped to meet the strict guidelines for the changing and disposing of diapers or pullups.



If a child bites another child and the injury requires first aid, both children’s parents will be notified immediately.  The name of the child who bites will not be revealed.  If a child bites more than 3 times, they will be dismissed.



Water activities used at the preschool in which there is no standing water, including but not limited to water tables, sprinklers, and water spraying devices. First Methodist Preschool does not participate in any water activities without parent permission.



First Methodist Preschool prohibits the use of tobacco in any form, alcohol, the use or possession of illegal substances or unauthorized potentially toxic substances, firearms, pellet or BB guns (loaded or unloaded), in any area of the building, on the playground, or on any sponsored field trip.



Emergency procedures and evacuation plans are posted in each classroom.

• Fire drills are conducted and documented once a month.

• Tornado drills are conducted and documented in March, April and May.

• Lockdown drills will be performed and documented twice a year.


In case an evacuation is necessary, the following areas will be used:

1. Parkview Baptist if spill is on Loop Road or Hwy 165.

2. North Monroe Baptist Church if spill is west end of Forsythe Ave.

3. Sallie Humble School if spill is toward Jesus the Good Shepherd School.

4. Jesus the Good Shepherd School if spill is toward Sallie Humble School.





First United Methodist Preschool follows all Type I licensing requirements for field trips. The First Methodist Church vans will be used to transport children on field trips.  Any child not riding the van must ride with his/her own parent and must be signed in/out by that parent. Van drivers are registered with First Methodist Church and meet all state licensing requirements.  



Authorization in the form of a signed permission slip is required for each child prior to any Preschool sponsored field trip.  These slips are sent home before each trip and must be signed by a parent and returned before the field trip.  No child may participate in a field trip without this signed permission slip.



Field trips will take place only during preschool hours (8:30 am-11:30 am). Parents who attend a field trip may choose to take their child home instead of allowing him/her return to the preschool.  In this case, the parent must sign the child out with his/her teacher before leaving the field trip destination. Each teacher will ride the van with her class. Children are supervised at all times.



Field trip logs will be kept for each field trip.  A field trip log will be kept by each teacher that includes the destination and planned route to that destination, a list of all children in her class attending the field trip and whether that child is riding the van or riding with a parent, staff attending the field trip, who returns to the Preschool, and who leaves the destination with their parents, and signatures of parents who transport their own children.  


Each teacher will do a visual check and face-to-name count of her class upon leaving the preschool, arrival at the destination, leaving the destination, and arrival back at the preschool. A staff member will physically walk through the vehicle and inspect all seat surfaces, under all seats, and in all enclosed spaces and recesses in the interior of the vehicle to ensure that no child has been left in the vehicle. Documentation of these checks will be kept on the field trip log. A copy of each log, along with children’s signed permission slips, is kept in the Preschool office.



A first aid kit is kept on the van at all times. Each teacher will take emergency information for each child with her in case a parent needs to be contacted.  At least one of the staff on the van will be certified in CPR and Pediatric First Aid.  The director’s name, the name of the preschool, the address and phone number of the preschool will be on the bus for emergency situations.