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Prayer Confidential


Please pray for my son who was a victim of a vicious attack. He was stabbed and initially lost his life, but the unbelievable staff at Glenwood Medical Center, with God's guidance brought him back to life. Please pray for his continued recovery, and the strength he needs to get well


Please pray for one of my coworkers Craig Pate. He recently received a diagnosis with bladder cancer and will be at MD Anderson for an indefinite period of time.


Healing prayer for my daughter, Tenesha Chatman


Charlie Harris is having a hard time with me and Jayson having Covid. He is so afraid that one or both of us won’t recovery. He feels like if we die then he won’t have anyone to take care him. Rachel is also having a hard time because she can’t hug me or Jayson. She is a big hugger. Please pray that neither of the kids will not catch this virus from us.